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Charles W Enos 1849 - 1928

February 28, 2008

enosCHARLES W. ENOS, MD, 1849 - ?1928 who is one of the prominent homeopathic physicians of Denver, is Vice-President and a Director of the Denver Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Association, in the organization of which he actively assisted.

Charles Enos and Dr Samuel Shannon opened the Denver Homeopathic Hospital in 1890.

He was also one of the organizers of the Denver Homeopathic Club and belongs to the Colorado State Homeopathic Medical Society. In the college he is Lecturer on Materia Medica, also Professor of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Department, and successfully superintends a large clinic at the free dispensary.

Since May, 1889, when he came to Denver, he has been closely identified with the homeopathic fraternity of this city. In 1880-81 he took a special course in the New York Ophthalmic Hospital and later he also studied in Dr. Knapp’s Ophthalmic and Oral Institute, from which he received a certificate. In 1883 he took a postgraduate course in the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago.

He is very systematic in his professional work and, believing such a plan to be helpful, he takes a complete record of every case that conies to his notice, also a record of the ancestry.

Dr. Enos was born in Marine, Madison County, III., December 13, 1849, and is the son of Charles R. and Eliza Ann (Thorp) Enos. His father was educated in New York state and after his removal to Illinois he settled on a farm near Marine, where he engaged in agricultural pursuits.

In 1873, when he was fifty nine years of age, he entered the Missouri Homeopathic Medical College and took the regular course of lectures, graduating as an M. D.

Since then he has been engaged in active practice, and though now eighty three years of age he still superintends his professional interests successfully.

For the last twenty years he has resided in Jersey County, Illinois. The marriage of Dr. C. R. Enos united him with Eliza Ann Thorp, a member of a Puritan family and the descendant of ancestors who emigrated from Holland to England, thence to America. She died in May, 1897, aged seventy one years.

Of her seven sons and three daughters, two sons are deceased, and of the survivors the five sons and one of the daughters are homeopathic physicians, while another daughter is a nurse. The children are named as follows: Sarah Cordelia Enos, M. D., of Jerseyville, Ill.; George, deceased; Charles W., of this sketch; Ida Viola, wife of Theodore S. Ellison, of Emmetsburg, Iowa; William H., of Alton Ill.; Joseph W., of Jerseyville; Dudley, deceased; Lawrence, of Decatur, Ill.; Clinton, of Brighton, Colo.; and Grace, a nurse who lives in Jerseyville.

The literary studies of our subject were carried on in the Illinois State Normal School at Normal, near Bloomington, Ill., and the Illinois Industrial State University at Champaign.

He studied Medicine in the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri and graduated in 1874, after which he went to Jerseyville, Ill., and engaged in practice for fifteen years, coming from there to Denver in 1889.

In political belief he has been a Prohibitionist since 1881 and in 1884 he was his party’s candidate for secretary of state of Illinois. He has always been deeply interested in the temperance movement and gives his influence to the cause.

By his marriage to Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of Abner and Margaret S. Cory, he has three children, Herbert C., Grace E. and Charles R. Enos.

At the meeting of the board of directors held April 28th, 1900, important changes were made in the personnel of that body. Dr. Charles W. Enos was elected president, and by his good judgment and fine business tact he brought about a spirit of good fellowship among the members that remains to this day.

The spirit of controversy passed away and the incubus of domination became a thing of the past. Dr. Enos was repeatedly elected to the position, and not till he felt it a duty to decline was he released from the important office he filled so acceptably to all the board.


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