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The Monroe Surname and Homeopathy

February 26, 2008

Munroe surnameThe Monroe surname’s contribution to homeopathy are:

Hahnemann Medical College of
PhiladelphiaAndrew Leight Monroe 1856 -

of Louisville, Kentucky, professor of materia medica and clinical gynecology and dean of the Southwestern Homœopathic Medical College of Louisville, is a native of that city, born April 4, 1856, son of Andrew Monroe and Julia Foster Bull.

On the paternal side he is a descendant of Sir Hector Monroe, a Scottish cavalier of the county of Montrose. Andrew Monroe, his father, was a great-great-nephew of President James Monroe, and the son of the author of ”Ben Monroe’s Kentucky Law Reports.”

The doctor on the maternal side is of English descent.

His early education was obtained in the city schools of Louisville and Harcourt Academy, Gambier, Ohio ; his medical education was acquired in Louisville University, one course, and two courses in Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia, where he came to his degree in 1879.

His professional career was begun in Danville, Kentucky, in 1879, but in 1882 he removed to Birmingham, Alabama, remaining in that city until 1885, when he settled permanently in Louisville.

For three sessions, beginning in 1890, Dr. Monroe held the chair of materia medica in Pulte Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio, and from thence transferred his faculty work to the Southwestern Homœopathic Medical College, Louisville, with the best interests and history of which he has since been prominently connected, both in the professor’s chair of materia medica and clinical gynecology and in the responsible office of dean.

Besides this, Dr. Monroe is consulting rectal surgeon to the Louisville City Hospital and a member of the medical staff of the Deaconess Hospital.

He is a member of the Falls Cities Homœopathic Society, the Kentucky State Homœopathic Medical Society, the Southern Homœopathic Medical Association, an honorary member of the Missouri, Indiana and Ohio State Homœopathic Medical societies, and member and ex-president of the Southern and Kentucky Homœopathic Medical societies.

Dr. Monroe married, September 9, 1879, Martha Quigley. Of their children three are living E. Humphrey Monroe, age twenty-one years ; Julia Bull Monroe, age twenty-three years ; and Pattie May Monroe, age nine years.

Homeopathic Hospital College,
ClevelandFrank B Monroe **1849 **- graduated from the Homeopathic Hospital College, Cleveland, Ohio

His father George T. Monroe, was a noted physician of Northern Pennsylvania, where he practiced for many years successfully.

Frank B. was a student of his father before entering college… At one time he held the position of Assistant Surgeon under Dr. C. C. Jones, of the Lake Shore Railroad.

In September, 1878, he married Miss Linda L. Lamont, of Troy, Pennsylvania. They have one child : Frank B., Jr.

Dr. Monroe is a member of the I. O. O. F. He was one of the charter members of Knights of Pythias of Doylestown, Ohio, and is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. In politics he is a substantial Democrat.