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The Sargent Family and Homeopathy

February 08, 2008

sargent familyThe Sargent family had many homeopaths in its ranks, and many other extraordinary individuals, including Epes Sargent, John Singer Sargent and Charles Sprague Sargent. The inclination to homeopathy appears to have begun with Rufus Sargent who was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy in the 1850s.

abolitionistCatherine D Henrietta Sargent was an ardent abolitionist in 1841

Boston University School of
MedicineCharles Samuel Sargent was a graduate of the homeopathic Boston University School of Medicine in 1879 and the Homœopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania and the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in

  1. Charles worked for the New York Polyclinic… was a surgeon and was a homeopath in California in practice with Dr. Cross of Stockton…

dudley sargent[Dudley Allen Sargent 1849

Dudley wrote Physical Education, Health Strength and Power, Athletic Sports, The Out of Door Library, Dudley Allen Sargent: An Autobiography, Handbook of Developing Exercises, Physical Training, Anthropometric Apparatus with Directions for Measuring and Testing, In Case of Accident, Universal Test for Strength, Speed and Endurance of the Human Body, The History of the Administration of Intercollegiate Athletics in the United… , The Effects of Military Drill on Boys, The Physical Test of Man, The Sargent Anthropometric Charts: Descriptive Circular, Battle-ball, Dr. Sargent’s System of Developing Appliances and Gymnastic Apparatus, Publications of Dudley Allen Sargent, Physical Education in Its Various Phases—elementary, Secondary, and Higher… , Prospectus: The Health-Education League : President, Dudley A. Sargent, M.D. … , Now Open!: Hygienic Institute and School of Physical Culture : Fifth Avenue … , Men Fit for Soldiers: Draft’s Showing Up of Physical Defects of Young … , Cross Ball, Anthropometric Chart: With Tables and Scales Arranged for Both Sexes … , The Moral Significance of Food, College Athletics and Heart Disease. Does the Practice of Athletics Tend to … , REPRINTS ON PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND RELATED SUBJECTS, Mimetic Exercises, Standard Rules for Basket Ball, Dr. Sargent on Military Drill, An Anthropometric Chart Showing the Relation of the Individual in Size … , Strength Tests of H.A. Chase, Jr. _with Herbert A Chase, Should the Teacher of Physical Education in Public Schools Have the Training … , The Life and Work of Dr. Gulick (Luther Halsey Gulick was an American physical education instructor, international basketball official, and founder of the Camp Fire Girls, an international youth organization now known as Camp Fire USA (as its members are female and male), _Professional Papers of D.A. Sargent_, _The Achievements of the Century in Gymnastics and Athletics_ and many more… _ water cureEveline E Sargent was a graduate from Russell Trall’s Hygeio College in New York City 1861.

Homeopathic Medical College of St.
LouisFenora Weston Sargent was a graduate from the Homeopathic Medical College of St. Louis in 1882 and the homeopathic Boston University School of Medicine in 1884.

Jesse S. Sargent (a homeopathic physician), born May 1868 in Minnnesota. He married Fenora Weston Sargent July 28, 1902. In the 1900 Census he is living with Mary Sargent. Also his brother Uzza Washington Sargent (born 1838) (died 1867) and his sister Mamie are living there as well as Fenora Sargent, Mary’s sister. In the 1910 Census he is Hd. of Household with Fenora (born 1861) (died 1946), and Fenetta (Rosea) (born 1863) (died 1940) listed as sister in law living with him. Fenora was born in Detroit while Uzza and Eveline were on their way back to Sparta, WI from a medical trip to NY. More About Fenora Weston Sargent: Birth date: From family bible Census: 1900, St. Louis, MO-living with Mary Graduation: 1882, Homoepathic Medical College of MO. Occupation: Doctor.

In 1883 Mrs. E. Curtis Pence, Physician and James H. Pence, Carpenter were listed at 1803 Olive along with Eveline E. Sargent, Electropathic Physician and Fenora W. Sargent, Physician.

I am searching for info on Uzza SARGENT & William HASKELL, parents, dates, etc. Uzza & Eveline SARGENT were in Cuba, MO-1862-1940. Children; Mary U., Fenetta R. and Fenora W.. Uzza. Eveline, Fenora and Mary were doctors. The first women to graduate from medical school in the Country. Fenetta was a famous author and speaker, married William H.M. HASKELL, and owned a store in Cuba. . There is a SARGENT burial plot at the U.P. Cemetery. William H. M. Haskell, b. Nov 11, 1860, New York City, d. Oct 21, 1908 near Pacific, MO. He was a businessman in Cuba, Crawford Co. for many years. He married Fenetta Sargent who was a famous speaker.

lucy the light bearerGeorge Etell Sargent wrote about homeopath Kate Parsons in his book Lucy the Light Bearer.

donationHenrietta Sargent donated to abolitionism in 1841?

Homeopathic Medical College of St.
LouisMary Weston Sargent was a graduate from the Homeopathic Medical College of St. Louis in 1888, and she was a secretary of the Hospital Society.

Jesse S Sargent was a homeopathic Physician who contributed to the Medical Advance. Jesse Sargent is a Republican and in 1924 was elected a member of the Fifty-third General Assembly.

american civil warLucius Manlius Sargent wrote Dealings with the Dead, a historical overview of burial practices through the ages and As a Medicine Founded on Fact.: Founded on Fact. Lucuis was also a proponent of temperance and abolitionism and he wrote many books, on poetry, on history, many biographies. He was also an artist of some renown.

It is not often that one can chronicle the life of a Civil War officer with such a varied and encompassing career as that of Lucius Manlius Sargent. His accomplishments were legion. As a student, he mastered art, then pioneered medical illustration. A successful physician and surgeon, he left his practice in time of war and rose through the ranks to heroically command a cavalry regiment, only to be killed while leading an assault at Bellfield, Virginia in 1864. Dr. Sargent’s story illustrates the duty, courage, and valor exhibited by many officers and men fighting for the Union cause.

homeopathic Boston University School of
MedicineOscar Franklyn Libby Littleton Sargent was a graduate of the homeopathic Boston University School of Medicine in 1902.

military surgeonRufus Sargent 1824-1886 was an orthodox doctor who converted to homeopathy. Sargent was a military surgeon between 1862 and 65 and then practiced homeopathy in Philadelphia.

Other early homeopaths in Reading were Dr. George R. Starkey (who wrote a biography of James Tyler Kent) (opened practice in 1855), Dr. R. Sargent (circa 1857) … was born in Essex county, Mass., on the 16th of April, 1824.

His ancestors came from England and settled in Massachusetts, taking up a large tract of territory. The town of Aimsbury was built upon a portion of said tract, and part of it came to his father as a farm, upon which place the subject of our sketch was born.

Being left an orphan at an early age, he was placed under the care of friends in Haverhill, Mass. He commenced his education in the public schools of that place, continued it at Benjamin Greenleaf’s celebrated seminary, and finished his preliminary course at the Worcester High School.

He next taught an academy for upwards of one year in Barnstable county, and finally commenced the study of medicine and surgery with Dr. George Coggswell, of Bradford, Mass. Dr. Coggswell was a physician of great reputation as a surgeon, and was one of those kind-hearted and genial men, which characterized the old school of gentlemen. With the kindness of a father, and the thoroughness of a scholar, he led Dr. Sargent through his medical studies.

After attending a course of lectures, he spent some time at the Tremont Medical School, and Massachusetts General Hospital, and at length came to Philadelphia to finish his medical studies. He there attended a course of lectures, and finally graduated from the allopathic school in 1851.

Whilst attending the course of lectures last alluded to, he had his attention called to the homœopathic system of practice; becoming interested therein, he commenced the investigation and study thereof, and, in 1852, graduated from the homœopathic school. (Homœopathic Medical College of Pennsylvania and the Hahnemann Medical College of Philadelphia in 1852).

Soon after graduating, he removed to Bordentown, N. J., there commenced the homœopathic system of practice, and succeeded in establishing a very large practice in that town and its vicinity. His health failing, he removed to Philadelphia, in 1857, and there entered upon a lucrative practice.

During this year, he married Anna R., youngest daughter of Nathaniel Bullock, Esq., of Bristol, R. I. She died about two years after.

Sometime after the breaking out of the late civil war, he offered his services, and, in 1862, he entered the army as surgeon, and was in the Peninsula Campaign; (Rufus Sargent 1824-1886 a 1852 graduate worked as a military surgeon 1862-65) was afterwards detailed to take charge of a General Hospital at Yorktown, Va. ; was in Charleston Harbor during all the military operations there, and was on duty at Point Lookout Hospital, and also at Mt. Pleasant Hospital at Washington.

He was next ordered to Camp Reynolds, near Pittsburgh, and afterwards ordered on duty in Pittsburgh, as Post Surgeon ; having spent altogether some three years in the United States service, and during that time he gathered much practical knowledge concerning his profession.

At the close of the war, he spent a few months in recruiting his health, after which he resumed the practice of medicine in Philadelphia, where his former friends and patrons were ready to receive him. His practice has ever since been increasing, and is probably equal to any in the city.

In 1872, he married Esther R., daughter of John Abbott, a highly esteemed citizen of Philadelphia.

Dr. Sargent is a physician of acknowledged ability, discharging the duties of his profession in a strictly conscientious manner ; he is a profound thinker, and an able demonstrator of the principles of homœopathy both in theory and practice, yet at the same time displaying a charitable and liberal feeling towards those who may differ with him.

Of interest…

Mary Baker Eddy had a housekeeper called Laura Sargent. Eddy’s new maid Adelaide Still, joined Eddy’s household and was a student of Christian Science and homeopathy.

Still reported an incident when Eddy had visitors: told them about her study and experiments in homeopathy but before she got to the principal part of her narrative they interrupted her to ask business questions as to whether she preferred to invest in stocks or bonds, which she considered best, etc.

She answered them wisely and intelligently and they being satisfied, rose to go. She then asked them if they would like to see her singing machine, meaning the graphophone. Almost as soon as they had left the room she remembered that she did not finish telling them about her discovery of Christian Science, so she sent a messenger to them saying she would like to speak with them again.

They came back, she requested them to be seated and they could not do otherwise than listen to the rest of her story.