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Harriette C Keatinge 1837 - 1909

January 27, 2008

House of Representatives in
LouisianaHarriette C Keatinge 1837 - 1909 had ten physicians in her immediate family, six of them women. Harriette was Clemence Lozier’s neice and successor, and she practiced with her daughter Harriette D’Esmond Keatinge, she was the first woman to address the House of Representatives in Louisiana on the suffrage cause.

Harriette was a member of the American Institute of Homeopathy, the Homeopathic Society of New York, the Political Study Club, the Legislative League, Sorosis and the Woman’s Health Protective Association.

Harriette Keatinge was Clemence Lozier’s successor, and her mother was the cousin of homeopath Carroll Dunham, and both her aunt Clemence Lozier and her uncle William Harned were homeopaths. Other members of Harriette’s immediate family were also homeopaths, Anna Manning Comfort, Amelia A Comfort, Jennie V H Baker, Emily L Smith and Charlotte H Wooley. Clemence Lozier’s daughter in law Charlotte Denman Lozier was also a homeopath.

Harriette spoke out about prison reform and she wrote What Has the Negro Lost and Gained by Emancipation and Enfranchisement, What Can Science, Invention and Philanthropy Do to Prevent the Disease, Address Delivered Before the Woman’s Health Protective Association, numerous papers for the North American Journal of Homoeopathy, Transactions, the American Historical Association and the Legal Periodical Literature.

Harriette wrote about the burning of South Carolina by Gen. William T. Sherman’s troops, her husband’s capture by Union forces, and her experiences traveling with Sherman’s army to join her husband (papers in the Library of Congress).

Harriette was close friends with Grace Elizabeth King and involved with the suffrage and abolitionist movement. She moved to New Orleans for a while to practice, but later she moved back to New York.

Harriette died in 1909.


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