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Arvilla B Haynes and Homeopathy

December 28, 2007

corsetArvilla B Haynes homeopathic physician and colleague of Mary Safford, Caroline Hastings and Mercy B Jackson, lectured widely on dress reform.

Haynes was on the board of Directors of Women’s Educational and Industrial Union with homeopaths Harriet Clisby and Mercy B Jackson, and homeopathic supporters Julia Ward Howe, Edna Dow Cheney, Abby May, Abby Diaz and Mary Rice Livermore.

Haynes argued that many women in her practice were presenting with uterine and abdominal damage due to corsetry (the corsets designed at the time were particularly nasty!) Haynes arguments against corsetry were virtually ignored by the majority of doctors and gynaecologists at the time!

Haynes was the President of the Ladies Physiological Institute for twelve years.