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Charles Frederick Menninger 1862 - 1953

August 30, 2007

charles menningerCharles Frederick Menninger 1862 - 1953 founded the Menninger Clinic in Texas was a great proponent of homeopathy.

Dr. Menninger was reared in his native Indiana City and was educated in the public schools there and at the Central Indiana Normal School, at Danville, Ind., where he graduated in 1882. He then came to Kansas and became one of the instructors in Campbell College, at Holton, Kan., remaining a member of that faculty five years. He then studied medicine at Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, Ill., and was graduated in that institution in 1889. He at once located in Topeka, where he has since most successfully practiced his profession. Dr. Menninger maintains that a true preparation for the profession includes not only a study of medicine itself, but also a broad knowledge along all lines.

Menninger said:

“It is imperative that we exhaust the homeopathic healing art before resorting to any other mode of treatment, if we wish to accomplish the greatest success possible” and “If we will but adhere with all energy and steadfastness to homeopathy, victory will be ours” and “homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine” Transactions of the American Institute of Homoeopathy, 1897, 430

and the Menninger Clinic made it’s name by their inexhaustible curiosity about the World around them and their enthusiasm for alternative treatments:

“Many migraine sufferers who were subjects in the Menninger Clinic Migraine Research Project had successfully used these temperature trainers to ward off or prevent headaches but finally to achieve a ‘way of life’ in which headaches didn’t occur.”

The Menninger Clinic still trains psychiatrists today who value homeopathy and Charles Menninger’s influence and ideas are still strong today.

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