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Homeopathy Awareness Week

May 25, 2007

homeopathy awareness weekThe Society of Homeopaths Homeopathy Awareness Week

14-21st June 2007

National Knowledge Week

Have a stress-free summer with homeopathy

Homeopathy Awareness Week is now a firm calendar fixture and this year’s theme is all about healthy, happy children. Members of the Society of Homeopaths will be demonstrating the value of homeopathic treatment for a range of common complaints that children suffer, in a nationwide awareness-raising initiative sponsored by Nelsons.

Throughout the country, homeopaths will be talking to the public, in shops, in the high street and at meetings, to raise awareness of the value of homeopathy in child health. They will be handing out informative leaflets and offering free advice.

Homeopathy Awareness Week provides the perfect focus for topical interviews with homeopaths and their patients, as well as interesting photo-opportunities.

Homeopathy is safe for children and is proven to be effective. From minor problems such as colic and teething, to allergic disorders such as asthma and eczema, and even complex ailments such as attention deficit disorder, homeopathy is an excellent option. There is now good evidence to show that homeopathy is effective for asthma and other respiratory allergic conditions (2), glue-ear (3), and for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) (4).

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